artwork biography —

Weixian Jiang

Weixian Jiang is a sculptor, with pieces firmly rooted in their harmony of material and process. He enjoys using natural materials such as bamboo, sticks, branches, feathers, and leaves combined with manufactured items such as cement, iron, plaster, ceramic, gold leaf, bronze, copper, wire, rubber bands, and glazes. Although the manufactured items are more associated with industry, they all have very natural origins which, when combined with branches and leaves, seemingly calls back to a past organic state.

Jiang creates flowing mixed media sculptures piece by piece, exploring into what mediums work well together visually, and how they complement each other physically. He lets his pieces form and inform themselves as he works. Choosing materials for how they feel physically in his hands, Jiang lets one state of the object making process advise what comes next, working as naturally as the materials themselves once grew. The idea for an ultimate, final object only begins to form as Jiang constructs, with physical harmony between the materials in mind.

To Weixian Jiang, this form of sculpture is the most primary form of creation. He takes a bit from nature. He takes a bit from industry. These worlds come together in his hands, as a process of pure manufacturing.