artwork biography —

Alex Yudzon

Alex Yudzon

(born 1977, Moscow)



1997­ - 1999 BA from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK

1995­ - 1997 Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY


Solo Exhibitions

​2016 Portas Vilaseca Gallerie, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Galerie Le Magasin de Jonets, Arles, France

2015 La Bottega Lab, A Room for the Night, Marina di Pietrasanta, Italy.

2014 ArtBastion Gallery, The Great American Novel and Other Stories, Miami, FL.

2012 DeCastellane Gallery, En Plein Air, Cape Cod, MA.

2010 DeCastellane Gallery, Bedtime Story, New York, NY.

2002 Tal Esther Gallery, The Hour Before Dawn, Tel Aviv, Israel.


Group Exhibitions

2016 Kolkata International Performance Arts Festival, SAC Travel Corporate

Presentation, 3 day performance with Vidisha Saini.

Wassaic Project, Summer Exhibition, Wassaic NY.

2015 Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, Alternative Contemporaneity:

Temporary Autonomous Zone, Miami, FL. curated by Richard Haden

Aluna Art Foundation, A Russian a Cuban and a Chinese Walk into an Art

Exhibition, Miami Beach, FL.

Carbono Galeria, Releituras da Natureza­Morta (curated by Ligia Canongia), San

Paulo, Brazil.

14 Spring Street, The Apartment Show, curated by Asad Raza, New York, NY.

Room Service Gallery, I Walk Deserts Full of Matter, Brooklyn, NY.

Binyamin Gallery, Perpetuum Mobile, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Wassaic Project, Benefit Exhibition, Wassaic, NY.

Portas Vilaseca Gallerie, SP Photo Art Fair, San Paolo, Brazil

2014 Reverse Space, Winter Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY.

Field Projects, Sojourn, New York, NY.

Center of Global Justice, Moving Beyond Capitalism, San Miguel de Allende,


University of the Andes, Identity, Bogota, Colombia.

2013 Reverse Space, Brooklyn, NY.

Claudia Stone Gallery, Miami Projects, Miami, FL.

Hunter Museum of American Art, Benefit Exhibition, Chattanooga, TN.

Reverse Space, Benefit Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY.

Acumen Space, Text + Message, Queens, NY.

Reverse Space, Brooklyn, NY.

2012 Wassaic Project, Return to Rattlesnake Mountain, Wassaic, NY.

Reverse Space Spectrum Vision, Brooklyn, NY.

2011 Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY.

2010 Volume Black, New York, NY.

DeCastellane 18, Gallery, New York, NY..

Milavec Green Gallery, New York, NY.

2009 Art Basel Miami Beach, Allan Stone Gallery, New York, NY.

2008 Art Basel Miami Beach, Allan Stone Gallery, New York, NY.

Allan Stone Gallery, Group, New York, NY.

2007 Luxe Gallery, New York, NY.

2006 37 Margoza Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2005 Cheryl Pelavin Gallery, New York, NY.

2003 Tal Esther Gallery, The Home Show,Tel Aviv, Israel.

2001 Ein Harod Museum of Art, I Hate You in June, Ein Harod, Israel.

1999 The Art Space, Radio Asia, London, UK.


Awards and Residencies

2016 Human Condition Global, Artist in Research fellow.

Vermont Studio Center, VM

Vermont Studio Center, Full Fellowship Award

Coovum Artist Residency, Chennai, India

2015 Wassaic Project Summer Residency, Wassaic,NY.

Luther Barnes Fellowship, Wassaic Project, Wassaic, NY.



2015 Haden, Richard, Alternative Contemporaneity: Temporary Autonomous Zones,


catalogue, illustration p. 141

Corona, Sarah, A Room for the Night, exhibition catalogue, La Bottega, Marina di

Pietrasanta, Italy.

2012 geoDemesne (October 19th)

Chronogram, NY (July 27)

The 22 Magazine, NY (October 17th “the Blog”)

EbClult, NY (June)

2011 Conveyor Magazine, NY

2008 Gallery and Studio, November issue

2005 The Villager, NY (Vol. 75, No. 8)

2002 Studio Art Magazine, No. 130

2000 Flash Art, International (November­December)

Haaretz newspaper, Israel


Selected Private Collections

The University of Colorado, Boulder

The University of Texas at Austin, George Rivera Papers, Nettie Lee Benson Latin American


Ms. Jessamyn Fiore

Ms. Clare Stone

Mrs. Claudia Stone

Mr. Santiago Guggenheim

Ms. Ruth O’Hara

Select works are on file as part of the Drawing Center slide registry.

Select works are part of Pierogi2000 Gallery flat file program.